Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Love and Sin

Lay down amidst the golden river side
I see her eyes look at me
A day went by as I rolled down the hill side
And in my arms there was she

Fading light as the sun set on the other side
With two flowers that belong to she
The night falls by as I feel her soul deep inside
Me making love to she

This is love an endless love in every way
But every single sin will have to pay

Said to me she was leaving somewhere far away
While I play out the things in front of me.
I Know not why I let her go from my side
Never knew that this is where the change will bite.

Days went by and the thoughts seemed to slip by
But the love in our hearts remained the same
Someday its her voice, some days I see her face
But in her eyes and words sorrow buried deep.

This is love an endless love in every way
But every single sin will have to pay

So when the sun went down that day
Got a whisper from her to say
A dream we dreamt of
Is standing at the doorway.

Elated her voice and happiness wrapped inside
As she waited to hear for me to say 
But what I said was to shut the door and walk away
A happy heart now broken tearing her soul away

This is love an endless love in every way
But every single sin will have to pay

With deep regret while he sat in his space
She was shown where she belonged in her place
Thrown out of home and left astray
The flowers snatched and taken away

Knowing not where she was, where she found solace
Waiting for a sign, a message for many days
Until she rose again with her little strength
Scathing words from her and her anger unfazed.

This is love an endless love in every way
But every single sin will have to pay

The week that was the last of the days
As we found us hold in a warm embrace
Fading past of a roller coaster ride
Smiles are back but the chains unchained.

Happiness is ready to bounce back her way
The flowers bloom and the sunshine awaits
Knowing a lifetime was swept away
In the ocean of consequence the end is at play

Days went by as they rolled down the hillside
A new set of hearts on the golden river side.

This is love an endless love in every way
But this time sinless, love will pay.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Breast Cancer Awareness theme song

I was born a woman happy and free
All that beauty god has given to me.
Enjoy this one life I get to live,
Live my dream the way I want it to be
I took my life for ganted untill, cancer got a hold of me
Like a clown with no stage sense, making no difference
of who, it seeks.
I decide to fight this battle, 
This body's mine to cherish endlessly 
Ill not waste away my feminity
Ill sustain the womanhood in me
I dont want to feel the pain of radiation, in the name of therapy, 
No trauma filled mind, no ghastly surgery disfigure a part of me.
Tomorrow is waiting with brightness and hope
This life is a blessing and its beauty I behold
Cancer's a cruel enemy, you cant ignore
Early detection's the cure,.. dont wait no more..
This world I want to stay in and see, 
No untimely death will cancer bring me
Show what a woman of substance means
Many a goal I need to reach and achieve
If its a simple test that i need to take to find that
Its early and easy to treat
Illl spread the word and be the leader in my, community.
Bridge or Chorus (sung only once)
Just once in an year, take a mammography
Preventive measures may need no therapy
Ill tell the world that my breasts are with me,
And all it took me is to see the changes in me.

Tomorrow is waiting with brightness and hope
This life is a blessing and its beauty I behold
Cancer's a cruel enemy, you cant ignore
Early detection's the cure, So dont wait no more..
...So dont wait no more

Written way back in 2008 for a breast cancer awareness program run by a doctor who sent the theme of early detection and cure. it was very challenging as I had to write the lyrics out from a set of medical terms and still keep the soul of a woman and her feelings alive. but the music composed by Mathew Joy uplifted my lyrics and the final song came out good. this is copyrighted material and so not publishing the song here.

Monday, June 19, 2017


Over these years I questioned people
Now the same questions stare at me
Shameful at them for keeping quiet (now)
I realise why they couldn’t answer me

You can stay outside and watch everyone inside
Like a drama rolled out in a movie
Give your reviews, comments and accolades or brickbats
Tear them apart and down to their knees

Anyone can point their fingers at the door 
And show the looser where he needs to go
But remember what you laughed at from outside
Might bring you inside before you even know.

Stop that thought that made that man bad
Cause his situation is different from me
I could be that man get dug deep in the sand
Where i’d be lost while the world walks on me.

So the next time you open your ego and say
The scathing words that mean to hurt
The same might catch up with you soon and pull you down
So think the words in your mind before you blurt

Everybody thinks that they are in safe hands
And nothing can go wrong in the way
But a small cut can tear away their safety net
So look around, find your happiness and stay

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Always and Around

Living in a dream, just burnt in a  fire
Then the world comes down and pushes you aside
And you wither, but she is right behind me

The fear in every day unpredictable
Torn apart by desire unquenchable
To living, with this woman, who stood by me.

There were times with no reason to believe,
That we waiting for eternity
For deliverance, by the almighty

But I don’t fear,
Because I’am the centre of her world

And I see her 
Take us along in this leap of faith

Like a river
Turns into a waterfall steep

As we hit the water
I can still feel her holding me

And I don’t fear

Because I know that she is around me.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Dance of Love

She shone in pearls,
Like the bright one
When the dance floor lit up,
Under a setting sun.

As I moved along the dance,
From one girl to another
Hers was one to hold onto,
Like there was no other.

Not letting go of her touch,
Or the shines in her eye
Against my shoulder hers,
I froze that moment in time

As I held her pose,
Brought her into my arms close
Then dropped her low,
Locks of hair down to my toes

Daring in her sun kissed skin,
Tinges of red and silk lay bare
As she looked up I held my breath,
But not before she caught my stare

Such beauty lay in that body,
Grace in the way she moved
Circles of rhythm surrounding,
Arousing her sensuous grooves

When I turned her around,
Wrapped her in my arms
She gave into the magic,
Cast a spell with her charms

A dance can find you someone,
A few moments you are together
But you return when it ends,
Far away from each other

But some hearts meet and souls melt,
And they hold on to one other
The song may end and next one begins,
But this dance continues forever...

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Behind a mirror of thoughts she stays
Finding conmfort in her space 
So far away

My strange world made fast her escape
But the smell of her skin still lingers
On my face

She left a note inside my head
Telling how she would have loved to stay
But she cant breathe inside this room
Where memories play

Now that girl you gonna run away
Hope you find your way and meet your fate
When you go, even these shadows are yours to take,
Don't leave a trace.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Setting sun, city lights that fade out, another day done
Drive out of town, on standby life is hung
Running through the thoughts that blind me inside
Voices in my head start calling outside

Close my eyes to shut the pain, I alight
At the edge of a falling night
I step into a new day

Same old ride, dawn to dusk creating a victim of sorts
The writing on the wall, this life is yours so take it on
A tired man home, slam to the ground into deep sleep
A rush of blood into my veins and a vision clears

A door I knock and it opens to a haze
Rings of smoke and rolls of high
Emerging from dream space

A travel through a distant world and time
Leaving all that bitterness behind
Back to where I find myself again, now awake

Written for Vinod Varma/Sandeep Mohan for commercial use.