Monday, June 19, 2017


Over these years I questioned people
Now the same questions stare at me
Shameful at them for keeping quiet (now)
I realise why they couldn’t answer me

You can stay outside and watch everyone inside
Like a drama rolled out in a movie
Give your reviews, comments and accolades or brickbats
Tear them apart and down to their knees

Anyone can point their fingers at the door 
And show the looser where he needs to go
But remember what you laughed at from outside
Might bring you inside before you even know.

Stop that thought that made that man bad
Cause his situation is different from me
I could be that man get dug deep in the sand
Where i’d be lost while the world walks on me.

So the next time you open your ego and say
The scathing words that mean to hurt
The same might catch up with you soon and pull you down
So think the words in your mind before you blurt

Everybody thinks that they are in safe hands
And nothing can go wrong in the way
But a small cut can tear away their safety net
So look around, find your happiness and stay

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